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Are you ready to boost your business? Buy likes for your YouTube videos to grow your channel and increase your credibility!

How can I get more people to see my YouTube videos?

YouTube is one of the world’s most-visited streaming services. With 2 billion users tuning in every month, it is an unrivalled platform for promoting your business. Users ‘like’ the content that they love, share videos with friends and family, and help to grow your audience. Getting likes on YouTube is not so easy when there are over 3 billion videos hosted on the site. One of the strategies to grow your channel is to buy YouTube likes.

What are the benefits of buying YouTube likes? 

  • Improve your search engine rankings: YouTube wants happy customers. To keep people watching, it needs to promote the most engaging videos. The YouTube algorithm makes the most popular channels and videos more visible, creating a powerful correlation between the number of likes you have and how frequently you appear in searches and recommendations. Eventually, buying likes will lead to organic growth!
  • Boost your business quickly: attracting organic attention to your YouTube channel takes a lot of time – and not all of us have this luxury. Buying likes on YouTube videos allows you to skip the waiting and jump straight to growth.
  • Focus on content: as a business owner, you can’t spend all your time thinking about how to promote your channel. If you’re short on YouTube likes, buying them will save you valuable time which you can use to create the best content for your audience.
  • Build your credibility: which business are you more likely to trust – one which is unknown, or one with lots of good reviews? The more likes on YouTube you have, the more interest you’ll get from new customers.
  • Make an investment: buying YouTube likes is just another form of advertising. Some people buy adverts in the newspaper, some pay for YouTube marketing services, others buy likes. Whichever method you choose, they’re all ways to get maximum exposure for your business.

Is it safe to buy YouTube likes?

If you buy YouTube likes from a reputable website, then it is safe. Of course, you should make sure that the website uses encryption methods that keep your private information and payment details secure. However, you should also find a website that will keep your YouTube channel safe.

According to YouTube’s Fake Engagement Policy, artificially increasing your likes with automatic systems (i.e. bots) is not permitted. The YouTube algorithm is very sophisticated and can easily detect fake likes as it monitors your account’s activity. In the best case scenario, the likes on YouTube that you bought will be deleted. In the worst case scenario, your videos and channel could be banned from YouTube altogether. Even if YouTube doesn’t notice bot activity on your channel, your organic audience will – and you could lose their trust. Unless you want to risk this, you should avoid sites that use bots to boost YouTube likes.

Why buy YouTube likes from Boosbe? 

  • 100% authenticity: when you buy likes on YouTube with Boosbe, we guarantee 100% high-quality likes from real people around the world. You don’t have to worry about bots endangering your channel and your business.
  • Total security: Boosbe ensures completely secure payment processing with our 256-bit SSL security certificate. There’s no need to register to buy YouTube likes on our site, so you can keep your information completely private.
  • Likes for everyone: we offer a wide variety of packages that are suitable for all budgets and channels. Whether you want to buy 20 YouTube likes or 200,000, whether you have $2 or $200, there is a Boosbe YouTube like package for you.
  • Reasonable prices: we understand that you’re trying to grow your business, and want to give you a leg up. So, the price of YouTube likes with Boosbe is much cheaper than on other websites.
  • Instant start: there’s no need to wait around for engagement. Just a few minutes after purchasing, the likes will appear on your account.

How can I buy real YouTube likes?

There are four simple steps to buy likes for your YouTube videos:

  1. Copy and paste the link of your chosen video.
  2. Choose your package.
  3. Enter your payment details.
  4. Enjoy your YouTube likes and grow your audience!

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Answers on your
most asked questions

Is it possible to buy YouTube likes?

No, YouTube isn’t a platform where you can buy likes. The video hosting itself doesn’t offer this opportunity to users. If you want to increase the engagement and popularity of your blog, it’s better to use other services.

Why should I buy YouTube likes?

In addition to the rapid growth of reach and subscriber engagement, such a purchase can bring timely benefits to your blog and the released content. For example, purchased views increase traffic on the video and channel. A lot of traffic promotes the video to the audience and recommends it to a potential audience. This leads to accelerated and effective brand growth on the platform.

How does buying YouTube likes work?

Likes are one of the key indicators of activity on both an isolated video and a channel. It turns out that any online search considers a video popular and of great interest of users, if it gets a large number of positive marks (thumbs up).

Here are the main proofs of how useful buying likes on YouTube can be:

All the activity of your subscribers on the channel is analyzed by the platform itself and other services, which allows your blog to occupy a leading position quickly. This is what increases traffic.

The presence of purchased likes increases the reputation of your channel in the users’ eyes, interests and inspires them to watch more. This gives the impression of a successful blog. Statistics prove that a person is most often inclined to agree with the opinion of the majority, so a user who visited your channel and saw a lot of likes is likely to also give a positive assessment to a video.

Some bloggers and channel owners can sometimes open a list of videos that they like, recommending them to their subscribers and guests. In this case, the platform works in a smart way: each video you like is displayed in the list, and other users see it. Thus, each like under your video can become an excellent and very effective advertisement. So all viewers of the channel, who have appreciated your content, will easily be able to watch the recommended video.

It turns out that the more likes you get on one video, the faster your popularity and reputation among platform users grows.

Will buying YouTube likes help me to increase my engagement?

Yes, engagement and reach on your channel will grow immediately after buying likes. In addition, your blog will become more visible to users of the platform.

Research once again proves that videos with a large number of likes force YouTube users to interact with it in some way.

The form of this interaction (a simple like, subscription, comment or repost) depends on the user himself. However, most people, who acquire additional likes see a significant increase in audience engagement.

Can I buy likes for any video on YouTube?

In fact, buying activity on YouTube is one of the most effective ways to increase awareness and popularity on the service. Buying likes is as easy as purchasing views. However, this process still has some peculiarities.

Of course, the views tell people about the video’s popularity and the high quality of the content, but a lot of likes indicate that the channel makes interesting content that people love. This is the highest form of social proof.

Also, if the video has a lot of positive ratings, the platform raises it in the search results, since this indicator is used to determine the rating of the video and the channel as a whole.

A large number of likes makes the video more visible to users. These videos appear in the recommended ones and, accordingly, receive even more likes, views and coverage.

It’s worth noting that for accounts with a large number of negative ratings, buying likes can help to balance the situation and increase the blog's rating.

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