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It's no secret that YouTube likes are a kind of currency or a factor that reflects the popularity of content among platform users. The more likes, the better the image & social trust. But what to do with dislikes on YouTube? Can they be useful for some purpose?

Let's see if it is feasible to purchase dislikes, how they affect the popularity of an account and how to use purchased negative reactions safely and with maximum benefit.

How Can I Get YouTube Dislikes?

There`re a huge number of companies that operate on the reputation of the YouTube channel and offer likes, organic views and, of course, dislikes. Customers can buy them online, but they need to choose a reliable service. One of such brands is Boosbe — we offer packages containing different quantities depending on customers` needs:

  • 100 dislikes;
  • 200 dislikes;
  • 500 dislikes.

To place an order, the client only has to copy the link to the content that needs dislikes, select the appropriate service package, and pay for it using a bank card. Wait for just a bit and get instant results!

Is It Harmful to Buy Dislikes?

Fortunately for all active users who develop their channels, it’s not harmful to your page. In general, if the client decides to get dislikes on the videos, it may even benefit the account — we all understand that there is no content that 100% of the viewers like. Thus, if there are no dislikes on the content, it seems suspicious.

Pay attention, that purchasing 👎 sets is ideal for already promoted content — this is a great step for achieving account authenticity. In addition, experts advise to order combined packages (likes+ a small number of dislikes) to get the most balanced result.

What Is a Dislike? How Does It Work?

In order for users to rate YouTube videos and help the service monitor the quality of content, a system of likes/dislikes was created. By itself, the dislike is a button with an inverted finger up. On the one hand, it may seem that this is a “bad” button that lowers the rating. However, not everything is so simple: a dislike can be an effective tool for interacting with content.

First, customers can buy YouTube dislikes for competition to decrease their effectiveness. Secondly, clients can order such packages for themselves to make the reactions to their videos more organic.

What Happens When You Buy YouTube Dislikes?

As soon as you buy YouTube dislikes, the service processes your request and directs real users to the specified link. Generally, a dislike works like a promotion tool because users see that the content is actively viewed and receives different reactions, which means that it cannot be fully paid for — thus, social trust in the content/product/service increases.

Also, users that installed special plugins for reflecting the exact number of dislikes may be surprised at their number and start discussing this topic in the comments. And any replay is a kind of promotion, too.

Thus, buying this service allows you to increase your reach and get more subscribers who trust your content. Also, dislikes can help curb competition, as mentioned above. If a video has too many negative ratings, the platform will slow down its promotion.

What Should You Know Before You Buy YouTube Dislikes?

If you are ready to buy YouTube dislikes for your own content, ensure to analyze:

  • popularity of your videos (if they gain a moderate number of 👎 on their own, then you should not buy them additionally so as not to provoke a shadow ban);
  • overall competition in the market (if your competitors often ruin your life by disliking your content, then buying such a package can be harmful).

Additionally, remember that it’s better to purchase dislikes after a certain period of time after publication so that the numbers of views and positive/negative reactions look as organic as possible.

By the way, if you target an audience in a certain region, this should also be taken into account. The best sites will definitely offer to get reactions from a specific country. Of course, users will not be able to find out where negative or positive marks came from, but this will affect the content promotion algorithm for your channel.

Here are a few more important points to know before buying dislikes on YouTube:

  1. How many reactions should I buy per day? On average, 1 dislike for every 4-5 likes for small channels and 1 dislike for every 9-10 likes for large channels will be enough. With this technique, channel promotion will look natural.
  2. Can my channel be blocked due to a large number of dislikes? No, it can`t. Though, the display of the video in the search results can suffer.
  3. Can a video be removed due to a large number of dislikes? No, the administration has the right to delete it only for violating the video hosting rules.

Thus, even if you ordered a bunch of dislikes for your competitor, it won’t provoke the blocking of the channel.

Where's the Best Place to Buy YouTube Dislikes?

Any channel promotion services, including likes and dislikes, should be bought on a reliable site that increases performance organically. Preference should be given to platforms that work with real users, not bots.

Our Boosbe service offers fast and efficient promotion of dislikes for a specified link at the most favorable prices for most customers. On our portal, you can choose the package that suits you, pay for it with a credit or debit card. After a successful transaction, numbers of dislike marks will begin to go up within a few minutes.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Dislikes?

Typically, if you are eager to buy YouTube dislikes in small quantities for your channel, this will allow you to achieve a balanced reputation and a positive social rating. The video hosting platform will see your channel getting all sorts of reactions, which is quite natural.

If you decide to buy negative marks for a competitor, this is a way to lower their image — it is better to do so by acquiring medium and large packages. However, it`s even more effective to lower a competitor’s rating by regularly ordering 👎 marks, rather than just once, as this will be as close as possible to the organic reactions of the audience.

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I just bought 50 dislikes to play out my friend's video, and they came so fast that even I doubted it, lol. By the way, great prices.
I'm glad I passed this on to the guy I hate. It works as described in the article. It's kind of sad to watch the antipathies appear, although xD Now I can get my inner peace back
So there's a guy who tries to fuck my songs and attacks all my songs with dirty comments, so I bought 250 dislikes for all of his 5 songs to show him who's in charge here, laughs. I was surprised by the low prices and fast delivery. Thank you Boosbe.
I have used this service on my competitors, they will definitely be shocked when they see a drastic decrease in the number of their videos. XD Hope no one tells them LMAO.
My order was delivered in twenty minutes or so. When it comes to providing quality for your customers, you really are someone else! Very effective indeed!
Finally I can change the bids 3 :) I'll show this guy who's in charge here. I'm also going to buy dislikes for every future post he posts, mahahah
I know my videos were massively disliked by my competitors, so I stopped complaining and responded with instant denial. Thanks to Boosbe, I was able to find as many dislikes as I wanted.
The last COD game trailer Was so bad That I Bought 100 dislikes that I Might Not Like 101 Times xD
I definitely approve of this product from the bottom of my heart. The dislikes I bought showed up almost immediately, and I can feel the panic this guy started to feel, haha
I bought the minimum amount to try if it really works, and it turns out it does!! Well, since my best opponent is falling, it's time for me to shine like a crazy Pink Floyd diamond, haha
You guys don't even like it, do you ?? What's next? Hours of YouTube viewing? LOL literally every time I check this site, there is always a new service: D
Videos without dislikes are impossible, so to make it look more viewable, I even buy dislikes. It really improves the quality of your video. Thank you Boosbe.
Answers on your
most asked questions

Why would anyone ever need to purchase dislikes?

Dislikes also show that people engage with your posts. If you have thousands of likes and no dislikes, it might not seem plausible. Some users opt to purchase dislikes to make it look more organic.

Can I get my account banned if I buy dislikes?

Your profile can get in trouble if you go with bot-generated dislikes. Choosing trustworthy companies (like Boosbe! 😀) will keep it safe.

How long does it usually take to deliver?

Usually it takes from 10 minutes to 24 hours.

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