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Genuine YouTube comments to make the platform recommend your videos to organic users. We sell comments by real people & deliver them naturally.
Youtube Comments
Youtube Comments
Youtube Comments
Youtube Comments
Youtube Comments
Youtube Comments
Youtube Comments

YouTube Comments

Writable way of emotional expression users leave under your videos.

Large amount of products we provide for your channel will tend other users to see your content as it based on algorithm in YouTube search engine, and of course impression of big numbers will cause positive effect on user who is searching for certain video and which one he will choose.

If on some basis we didn’t deliver your product that you payed already within given time ( 3 days) we guarantee to refund it. More information in our Refund Policy.

As soon as we receive your request – we will ship necessary amount of our products to your account in given time.

We use the most secure and trusted payment systems in the world so you can pay with your credit card. And there is no need to register

We don’t need and will never ask for your password or private information. Stay Safe and always remember the rule of not sharing information

Buy YouTube Comments

If you are building YouTube platform structure, want to monetize your efforts and willing to succeed in becoming Social Media Influencer - circulating of likes, views, comments etc. must be 24/7. Hardest to gain is comments because usually users write comments only in specific case, that’s why our fast, high-quality, responsible service will help you with purchasing YouTube Comments..

Why Should I Buy YouTube Comments?

Comments leave positive effect on your channel and users who will read it, custom and generic types of comments we will deliver to you, each comment can start a conversation. Your possible Fans have to feel your activity that’s why you always give feedback etc. and comment section is the best one for this. You can edit or delete comments.

What Are YouTube Comments?

Engagement on YouTube is absolutely essential for building your community of subscribers. Your most enthusiastic subscribers will watch most if not all your new videos, plus often they will be there to like and dislike them. Engaging with them is very important; you should always aim to get feedback straight after uploading a new video.

Comments crate action here. Positive and negative criticism can give you an idea of what your fans wants so you can act accordingly.

We provide two types of comments Regular – comments from real looking users on YouTube and Real – created by real people.

Real looking user comments are made via not real but realistic-looking accounts. Although they aren’t made by real users, they look real. If you don't have any comments under your videos or if they are few, you can think of buying YouTube comments.

First of all, you need to rest assured. There are no risks with using real looking accounts for comments, it's just that other users may notice it. Real YouTube Comments, in general, look better. But real looking accounts for comments also work very well. Remember we're the best in the game. We would never settle for anything less than the best.

How Can I Buy YouTube Comments for My Video?

It takes only 6 steps to purchase our product and start our mutually beneficial cooperation:

  • Turn on the comment feature
  • Paste video link
  • Choose package (We insist on Real one)
  • Number of Comments, then service will calculate price
  • Use Paypal or credit card
  • Enjoy Your Comments

Choose the Amount of Real YouTube Comments You Want

All real YouTube users want to follow interesting and popular people who have a lot of subscribers. Without comments, your profile will seem unappealing. Because people are not interacting with you, for this reason, the best and safest way to get more YouTube subscriptions is to only buy from trusted websites, just like our website.

When you're buying real comments, it’s crucial to have an encrypted trustworthy payment system. In our Buy Real YouTube Comments service, us having your username will be enough. After you made your payment, that's all. In a span of just minutes, the video you sent will get the number of comments you purchased from us.

By buying Real YouTube Comments, you can make your channel more active. If you want comments for a single video, this won't be as important for your account to get more popular (unless it's a very successful video). Because to get more popularity, buying comments for one video won't be enough. YouTube's algorithm sees it all as just one. It may be a very successful video and it may get a lot of views by trending, but it is just one post after all.

Guaranteed Refund

Shortly after you purchase our services, comments start coming in. Every video you post will get comments. If comments don't start coming in after the given time during the purchase, then you can get a refund for your money.

  • Focus on content, we will care about YouTube Comments
  • Transparent pricing
  • Grow your YouTube account, speed up your success
  • No harm for your infrastructure

How to Delete Comments?

You can delete comments from your own publication on YouTube, as well as delete or edit comments from other videos. First of all, let's talk about how you can delete and edit your comments. Go to the video where the comment is and click the mini-arrow icon that appears below the right. Here you can edit the comment by clicking on the "Edit" button. If you click the "Delete" button, the comment will be deleted. When you click "disable responses", comments and responses cannot be written under your comments.

Answers on your
most asked questions

Will anyone know that I bought some or all of the comments?

If the comments you purchase come from genuine users, they will look natural. In this case, you do not have to worry about someone learning you bought the service. We guarantee your information confidentiality.

How to get more comments on YouTube?

You can receive more comments when your work is visible to many people. So you need to get to higher positions in the website's search results. Purchasing comments helps push your work toward the top.

Is it illegal?

The platform does not approve of any deceptive practices. It is legal as long as those leaving comments on your videos are genuine users. Boosbe provides feedback from people with real accounts only.

Will all the comments go to a single video or I can spread them out?

Comments will go to a single video. If you need comments for several videos, you should place orders for every video you want comments for.

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