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Genuine YouTube comments to make the platform recommend your videos to organic users. We sell comments by real people & deliver them naturally.
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As all top analysts say, viewer engagement is one of the most important factors that reflects the quality and usefulness of published content. Engagement is what allows the channel owner to enjoy likes and comments, as well as see a regularly growing number of subscribers.

But what if the channel is not yet very popular and the viewer engagement is still low? This is not a problem, because customers can always buy comments on YouTube. Let's figure out how to do it and how it can prove useful.

Get Real YouTube Comments

In general, getting more comments is a simple task. However, it should be borne in mind that it`s important to get real feedback from users, rather than a ton of spam from bots. The first and most reliable way is to buy reactions from a reliable service like Boosbe. To increase the efficiency of ordering packages of likes and comments, you should use additional methods:

  • encourage your followers to comment;
  • always respond to user comments or like them to show feedback;
  • delete quarrels/insults in the comments to maintain a positive atmosphere of communication;
  • pin the most important comments or witty jokes under your videos.

All these tips work perfectly for channel promotion in conjunction with a regular increase in the number of comments, likes and subscribers using special services.

Can You Buy Comments for YouTube?

Of course! If the actual engagement is low, then the channel owner can work on it using various methods, including buying comments. At the moment, a lot of different packages are available to customers with a good discount (from 5% to 25%), including sets of 10 to 1000 comments. Such promotion will improve your content ranking, as the platform will see user activity and offer videos to other video hosting customers.

How Do You Pay for YouTube Comments?

If you are going to purchase a large package of random comments for your content, but are worried about the options of paying for services, then check out the possible list of available financial methods before placing an order:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • Maestro;
  • Discover;
  • Diners Club International;
  • CartaSi.

And in order for people to be confident in the quality of Boosbe services, the platform offers a refund policy. Within 24 hours after paying for services, the client can request a refund if comments or another type of reaction were not published in the specified channel/content.

Can We Get Fake Comments on YouTube?

Yes, if you need this type of promotion. In general, the Boosbe platform allows you to buy two types of comments:

  1. Ordinary (fake) ones, which include simple comments from special accounts that work to increase the popularity of content. These users look as realistic as possible and do not give the impression of bots. This is a great option for a fresh and little-known channel that needs to influence hosting algorithms.
  2. Real ones, which include more detailed comments from real platform users. Getting comments from real people can be an ideal option for medium to large channels that have to deal with serious competition.

Are Comments on YouTube Paid?

No, not in the usual sense. Each user can leave an unlimited number of comments under any video they like. However, if the channel does not receive enough attention and reactions from a potential audience, then its owner can buy YouTube comments from realistic accounts or real people.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Comments?

In Internet marketing, there is the concept of "behavioral factors", which include various types of visitor activity on the website pages. Similar algorithms work in the most popular social networks and platforms now, including YouTube. If some new video starts to get a bunch of likes, comments and reviews, the video hosting service starts to promote it even more, offering it to new visitors in the first place. That is why promoting your page with comments is so crucial.

First of all, the service for artificially increasing reactions to content is relevant for novice video bloggers. They should not be naive, believing that every popular channel has been promoted only due to the quality of the content — no, in a world of huge competition, literally every other channel resorts to such promotion services.

What Is the Importance of YouTube Comments?

In general, purchasing custom comments in a short time can:

  • increase the level of social trust (if the content does not have comments or likes, then users are unlikely to pay attention to it or trust it);
  • get a base audience, which in the future will itself provide an increase in views, likes, reactions;
  • influence platform algorithms and improve content ranging.

As a rule, after the appearance of a dozen or two purchased comments, the video begins to gradually get some organic activity. And this already leads to the subscribers` growth in the channel of a novice blogger or even a large account.

How Can I Buy YouTube Comments for My Videos?

To order the required number of comments on a specific link, you need to go to the YouTube tab on the Boosbe platform and select any of the appropriate packages. After that, the client will be transferred to another tab to enter:

  • the discount coupon code, if the client has already used the website services;
  • the email address to which the check will be sent.

Then you will need to pay for the service by choosing any of the presented methods, including cryptocurrency services. Unfortunately, you cannot currently pay with PayPal.

Choose the Quantity of Real YouTube Comments You Want

Depending on the size of the channel and the available budget, customers can choose various packages with the following volumes:


Affordable prices allow customers to choose a service even for a small account that is just starting to promote its channel and has a limited budget.

How to Buy YouTube Comments

If the client is looking for the YouTube comments buy option, then the Boosbe platform is the best choice because it’s very easy to place an order on the portal:

  1. Choose a package.
  2. Provide a link.
  3. Enter your email.
  4. Enter promo code.
  5. Pay for the service.

Within a few minutes, the order will be processed and the comments will start to appear under the video. This will positively affect the channel rating and the display of content to a potential audience. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to promote your content so easily!

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This website will one day rule the world of buying social media services, and this comment will be my sermon! No other site has the same price / quality ratio that you have ...
I fell in love with it and I don't regret it. The best comments I've bought so far, and they're much better than this artificially assembled nonsense ... Best website ever
Hi, thank you so much for this service. Got your comments almost instantly :)) I am already sending your link to all my bfs so that they will also use your services :))
I received my reviews shortly after the purchase, and their quality is excellent. I think I will visit this site much more often.
Hell, that's what I'm talking about. Both the quality and the speed of delivery, I'm definitely impressed. The best place to buy comments!
I bought 200 comments and they came in an hour later! Great service and great company! Anyone who checks the comments should not hesitate for a second
Hi guys, don't forget that it's important that the comments look authentic. This service is pretty good in terms of authenticity as opposed to fake comment providers. In fact, it's just as good, if not better, as premium services, only cheaper.
Better prices compared to quality. The 100 best comments I've bought so far and you've just earned a loyal customer! Even the free trial versions are quality and really do their job to convince you
The comments were as good as I wanted them to be. Not just gibberish. They are almost the same as I wrote them by hand. I will recommend this to my friends !
I didn't expect my comments to appear instantly. This is great, I'll buy a lot more!
All the comments I bought were real comments from real people. I love Boosbe for providing exactly what is written and not using any tricks in their game!
I got my comments just MINUTES later. Thank you for the mind-blowing speed and high-quality comments ... I can't even separate them from the real ones I see on YouTube.
Answers on your
most asked questions

Will anyone know that I bought some or all of the comments?

If the comments you purchase come from genuine users, they will look natural. In this case, you do not have to worry about someone learning you bought the service. We guarantee your information confidentiality.

How to get more comments on YouTube?

You can receive more comments when your work is visible to many people. So you need to get to higher positions in the website's search results. Purchasing comments helps push your work toward the top.

Is it illegal?

The platform does not approve of any deceptive practices. It is legal as long as those leaving comments on your videos are genuine users. Boosbe provides feedback from people with real accounts only.

Will all the comments go to a single video or I can spread them out?

Comments will go to a single video. If you need comments for several videos, you should place orders for every video you want comments for.

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