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How buy TikTok shares

What are TikTok shares?

TikTok has lots of tools that are simple to use. And reposts or shares are among them. This is an “arrow” button that helps to post your or somebody’s video on other social media websites. It happens sometimes if you want to promote your own art or if you liked the idea of the video you’ve just seen.


To find this button:

open the app and you’ll see the news feed

take a look on the right, there are some tools: likes, comments and shares

remember that the share button looks like an arrow


Why do I need to buy TikTok shares?

If you decided to become popular on Tik Tok, then you need to know some ways on how to work it out. One of the most powerful things on TikTok are shares, because this way you get promoted easily and quickly by other users. So, they can share your videos on their accounts. After that, other people that might be their friends and followers, can see your video. Then, if they really liked it, the can find your TikTok profile and subscribe to your account. 


You may not believe but right now it promotes billions of TikTokers. And you can be among them. TikTok shows how many of reposts does the user have on the videos. We suggest you to start with the basis: to buy some shares for your account, so those who visit your page will see that you are pretty famous right now. It makes them to decide more quickly to become your new follower. Check out our package options HERE. We are sure, you’ll find something that you like. 


Why people share TikTok videos?


TikTok users share the content they appreciate with their friends. Or they can even post it on their accounts if it’s related to their life or close to their mindset. C’mon, we all do it from time to time. But we’ve never understood how it works. The main idea of sharing is not only showing your point of view that was so interestingly depicted in some random videos. It’s way deeper, because shares work like social advertising. 


Where can I share the TikTok video to?

Tap on the arrow button and you’ll see the variety of options. You can share it on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media websites. 


Who can see my shares?

Literally, everybody can see the shares you have. Other users can visit your profile, tap on the video and see the number of shares (and also likes, comments) on the right side. 


However, if you have a private account, the number of shares is available only for your followers.


Is it ok if I buy Tik Tok shares? 

If you are in doubt because you’re afraid to be banned, then relax. First of all, we use secure payment systems and we never ask for the password. Secondly, we keep all the private information, so people won’t know about your purchase. Thirdly, TikTok usually bans accounts that are using automated services that work for days and nights. It looks suspicious. We don’t use such services, so you won’t be banned. 


In any case, our professional team is ready to help you 24/7. Click HERE to get in contact with them. 


Can anybody notice that I bought the reposts on TikTok?

Let’s imagine the case. You just started the account on TikTok. There are not that much likes, comments and followers, and not much shares, of course. Then you buy, for example, 100 or 200 shares. People won’t notice that it was purchased. But if you choose the packages with 1000 and more shares right in the beginning, it might be noticeable. Anyway, you are the person who decide what to do. 


How else can I boost my TikTok account?

Besides reposts, there are likes and comments that help a user to become well-known on TikTok. So, you can also try some of our packages to increase the number of likes and comments on your videos. It’s a common start for almost everybody and there is no reason to hesitate.


Moreover, there are some more steps on how to boost your personal page with activity:

post the videos with trending effects/sounds/masks

try to imitate famous bloggers’ dances or challenges

record videos of a good quality 

write down applicable hashtags

be active and post something every day


You can even expand the number of tips that we gave to you, but this is the basics that everybody follows on the way to success.


What should I do to pop up on the recommendation page?

This is a blue dream of many bloggers on TikTok. If the video gets on a recommendation page, it means that you’ll get lots of attention from other TikTokers. It’s really good for the promotion and advertising. However, to make this mechanisms work, you need to put some effort. 

Usually, you just need to follow the trends: try to learn a popular dance or create the video that looks viral. Creativity, fun and entertainment are the main elements that bring success to your videos.





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most asked questions

Is it legal to purchase shares in Tiktok?

Yes, but only if you do it with a reliable and professional service provider. On Boosbe, we sell only legal shares.

Will these shares make my videos go popular?

Yes, they will attract people's attention to your content. But you need to put some effort into creating top-notch posts. If organic users genuinely love your videos, they will definitely like and share them.

How many TikTok shares can I buy?

Here on Boosbe you can order any number of shares. We recommend that the number of shares should not exceed your number of followers. Paid promotion should look as if it were organic.

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