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If you want to get real Telegram Poll Votes from real Telegram accounts, in order to make your poll popular in a short time, use Boosbe. The more votes you have, the followers you will get on Telegram.
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If you have a Telegram channel, you probably conduct polls there. Then, you might need to buy Telegram votes from time to time. This will help you to achieve the necessary results in the poll. On our site, you can purchase votes anonymously and at a fair price.

Informative Statistics About Telegram

It is a very popular messenger and an influential blogging platform. Telegram is great for interacting with a grown-up audience. It has 41.4% female and 58.6% male users, so you can easily target both. Here are some more facts and numbers about this messenger.

  • It is the 11th most used social media platform on a global scale.
  • Its daily active audience exceeds 55 million people.
  • Since 2018, Telegram's audience has increased by 150%.
  • It is the most popular non-gaming app in Google Play and the 4th most downloaded app in the App Store.
  • An average Android user spends 2.9 hours per month on Telegram. On Facebook Messenger, they would spend just 2.7 hours per month.

If you invest money in your Telegram promotions, it should quickly pay off. Private bloggers and corporate accounts should never miss this chance to influence the minds of their audience. Without paid marketing, it might be tricky to make yourself heard and attract people's attention. With our help, you will be able to achieve the desired result with minimum expenses.

Why Are Votes So Important for Telegram

This platform offers limited opportunities for interaction between content creators and their audience. By default, there are no likes and comments here. Channel owners can add these functions if they wish but many prefer not to use them. And they have good reasons for doing so.

Telegram Votes

Likes create excessive stress. They shift the focus away from the content and turn blogging into a never-ending pursuit of approval. Some other large platforms featured likes from the onset. But now, they are thinking of discarding them to create a more relaxed environment.

As for comments, people hardly use them to initiate a productive discussion. They spam, quarrel and promote bullying. The Telegram administration was forward-thinking enough to disable comments at the outset. But channel owners still need to interact with their users.

Polls become the most convenient and user-friendly form of interaction. The blogger offers their audience a question and a set of answers. To express their opinion, each person needs to make just one click. Then, they can see the results and get to know what other people think.

Why Should You Buy Votes for Your Polls

Sometimes, channel owners would create polls just to entertain their audience. But in other cases, their further actions would depend on the readers' opinion. For instance, a blogger can ask people what their next post should be about. Or a brand can ask consumers about how it should improve its products.

In fact, both the blogger and the brand could do without the poll. Yet they need to show their followers that they think of them and value them. Sometimes, the opinion of the general audience might differ from the plans of the channel owner. In this case, it might be reasonable to buy votes.

Why Should You Never Use Bots for Voting

Telegram bots are accounts that belong to robots and not real people. Normally, it is not too difficult to identify them. A bot might have a female name and a profile photo of a man. Or it might write in Arabic script while reading a Korean channel.

This messenger does not approve of bots. If you employ them, the algorithms of the system might label your account as a scam. It will become less visible to potential readers and subscribers. People will stop trusting you.

But if you invite real users to vote in your poll, this is an entirely legal promotional activity. Such people might get genuinely interested in your channel. They might subscribe to you and tell their friends about you. When we sell Telegram votes, we offer only live human users but never bots.

How Can You Order Votes on Our Site

We understand that our clients want to get votes quickly and confidentially. This is why we do not ask them to register on our site. They do not need to tell us their real names. The process takes just one minute and boils down to the following steps.

  • Share the link to your Telegram poll in the corresponding field on our site.
  • Indicate the option that we should vote for. Tell us which answer we should choose.
  • Select the necessary number of votes.
  • Pick the most convenient payment system.
  • Transfer funds to us.

We will start voting almost immediately after we receive your money. The number of votes will be growing quickly but naturally. We will try to complete your order in the shortest possible time. Our prices are always competitive and we offer discounts sometimes.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. Our friendly and experienced managers will be glad to consult you. We are ready to help you with promotions on other social media too.

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