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If you build iOS apps, you should buy App Store ratings for them. This is an essential promotional tool that will help you to attract the maximum attention to your products. On our site, you can buy app ratings confidentially and at a fair price. You can buy rating Google Play and buy app installs with us too.

Why should you buy iOS app ratings?

Building apps for iPhones and iPads is a highly competitive sphere. In 2020, the number of products in the App Store exceeded 4.3 million. The assortment keeps growing at a high pace. These are the most popular categories of apps on sale now.

  • Games — almost 22%
  • Business — 10%
  • Education — 8.6%
  • Lifestyle — 8.6%
  • Tools — 6.1%
  • Entertainment — 5.7%

92.3% of the apps are distributed for free and only 7.7% require a paid installation. An average app's price is $0.72.

iOS app ratings

When the user opens the store, they can look for apps by their name or category. When the system offers them search results, it ranks them. Apps with a high rating receive top positions in the list. The user sees them first and will be more likely to download them.

The number of installations also influences the app's rating. Thanks to it, the product keeps occupying leading positions in its segment. It can be compared to the SEO promotion of a website. The application becomes a household name for its category.

It is one of the most efficient marketing instruments for app developers. Thousands of successful professionals have used and keep using it. Even the most well-known brands with an excellent reputation purchase ratings for their products. They realize that otherwise, their rivals would take their place.

How many ratings should you buy?

It all depends on the category of your app. The higher the competition, the more ratings you will need. Ideally, you should purchase them as soon as your product hits the App Store. You can do it simultaneously by sending out press releases about the launch of your new development.

If you have never used our services, you can start with the smallest package. You will not need to spend much money to check how we work. When you see that we do our job quickly and professionally, switch to a larger package. You can repeat the process as often as you wish and order as many ratings as you find necessary.

The exact number of ratings that you need depends on your product. If it is really useful and innovative, it might be enough to give it just an initial impulse. But today, it is hard to come up with a completely unprecedented app. The more rivals you have, the more ratings you should purchase.

Is it safe to order app ratings?

Yes, absolutely. The administration of the App Store might disapprove of paid promotions only if you use bots. We never do that and employ only real people. Such a marketing approach is entirely legit and socially approved.
Bots would add you only numbers. It would be easy to track that these accounts do not belong to human users. Live people might get sincerely interested in your product. They might install it and recommend it to their friends.
Thanks to an integrated approach to promotions, you will be able to achieve the best results. In other words, you should order not only ratings but comments and downloads too. Such a technique imitates the behavior of real people. When live users appreciate your app, it means they have tried it — and they will be likely to share their opinion on it.

How can you order app ratings?

Just as you, we do not like lengthy registrations and complicated passwords. This is why we do not ask our clients to sign up for our site. It will take you less than a minute to place an order with us. Just stick to the following algorithm.

  1. Insert the link to your app in the corresponding field on our site.
  2. Indicate the desired number of ratings.
  3. Select the most convenient payment option.
  4. Transfer funds to us.

The rating of your product will start to grow almost immediately after we receive your payment. The more ratings you order, the more time it will take us to complete your order. We cannot add all the ratings to you in one go because that would look suspicious. We promise to work as fast as we can but at a natural speed.

Reasons for collaborating with us

We are an established brand in the sphere of social media promotions. With our help, hundreds of app developers managed to make good money on their products. We have a large loyal audience and our clients entirely trust us. You might want to choose us for the following reasons.

  • Our prices are always competitive and we offer frequent discounts. Our clients can select from multiple payment options. All financial transactions that you make through our website will be entirely safe.
  • Our customers' confidentiality is our top priority. We will never ask you to reveal your real name. We will never tell anyone that we helped you to promote your app. You will be able to stay private and anonymous.
  • Our support team will be glad to answer your questions and recommend an optimal promotional strategy to you. Feel free to contact us right now! Our managers will stay in touch with you until the moment when your order is completed. Our friendly and professional staff genuinely loves their job and knows how to explain things to people.
  • We are ready to promote apps not only in the App Store but also in Google Play. These two platforms account for approximately 95% of the applications' market. With our help, you will be able to reach the widest possible audience. It does not matter if you are a newbie or an experienced developer — you will be impressed by the results.

Apart from apps ratings, we can help you to become an influencer on nearly any social platform. You can use social media for promoting your applications as well. We will be glad to make you famous and successful!

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