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Authentic Instagram views to make your content visible to numerous users. More Instagram post views translate into brand recognition and better sales opportunities.
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If you enjoy blogging, you should purchase Instagram views. This legit and efficient promotional tool will quickly make you popular. If you create top-notch content, it deserves people's attention! On our site, you can order any desired number of views at a sensible price.

To check how the system works, you can buy 50 Instagram views. When you realize that you like the result, order 1000 Instagram views. Then, switch to the priciest and the most efficient packages. Feel free to repeat the procedure as often as you wish and promote as many videos as you need.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Views?

You might want to purchase views on Instagram because it is the best way to attract a large audience. When people notice that other users watch your videos, they decide to give them a try too. When algorithms of the platform detect that your content is gaining popularity, they start to further promote it. You should buy Instagram video views to give an initial impulse to this process.

Instagram Views

Eventually, you will get more views than what you paid for. Organic users will like your videos and subscribe to your account. Brands, celebrities and influencers regularly resort to this instrument of promotion. It works wonders both with newbies and accounts with a numerous following.

Informative Statistics about Instagram

In the rating of the most downloaded mobile apps, Instagram occupies the 4th position. In the list of the most visited websites, it has the 6th position. Without paid promotion, your videos will get lost in the abundance of content. These are just a few facts that you should consider:

  • Over 1 bln individuals use Instagram monthly.
  • 60% of users visit this platform at least once per day.
  • 55% of users visit it several times per day.
  • The average time a user spends on this social network daily is 28 minutes.
  • Year over year, the time users spend watching videos increases by 80%.
  • Videos receive 21% more engagement than photos.
  • 500 mln people watch Instagram stories every day.
  • 83% of users admit that Instagram helps them to discover new goods and services.
  • The most popular type of content on this social network are tutorial videos.

The competition among bloggers is fierce. Even if you are very talented, you will hardly be able to make your content seen without purposeful promotion. After you pay for Instagram video views, you will feel more confident and inspired. People's attention will encourage you to create consistently better posts.

Why Buy Instagram Views from Boosbe?

You might want to choose our company to buy views for the following reasons:

  • Sensible prices. We cannot promise to make you a star for $1. Yet our services are cheap and affordable even for teenagers. At the same time, we never compromise on quality.
  • A vast choice of plans. To get started, you can order as little as 100 Instagram views. If you need more, you can order thousands of views in one go. We cater to all types of bloggers, from newbies to influencers.
  • An ample selection of payment options. You can purchase Instagram views PayPal, or use your bank card, or resort to other methods. All transactions will be quick and secure.
  • High speed of work. We offer instant views Instagram. As soon as we receive your payment, people will start watching your content. The desired number of views will be reached in the shortest possible time.
  • Legitimacy. We hire real viewers to watch your content and not bots. It is a 100% legit and socially approved marketing method. Both organic users and the algorithms of the platform will fail to detect that you resorted to paid promotion. The increase in your popularity will look highly natural and organic.
  • Expertise. Our team has impressive experience in the sphere of social network promotions. We always keep up with the industry's news and quickly adopt new tools into our daily workflow. We are proud to say that we know our field inside out.
  • An impeccable reputation. People who have already used our services leave steadily positive reviews about us. They eagerly recommend us to our friends and colleagues. The name of Boosbe is synonymous with professionalism.
  • Confidentiality. We will not ask you to tell us who you are. You just transfer us money via PayPal or another system and that is it. We will not require you to fill in a lengthy registration form or show us your ID.
  • Versatility. With us, you can not only buy Instagram views but order other types of promotion too. We can help you to get likes, plays and followers for nearly any popular social network.

 If you have any questions, feel free to contact us right now. Our friendly and competent support team will be glad to consult you. If you are a private user, with our assistance you will quickly turn into an influence. If you have a business account, we will help you to boost your sales and brand awareness.

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Answers on your
most asked questions

How to get more views on IG?

It is necessary to post quality content and make sure you use both high- and low-density hashtags. However, a sure-fire way of getting lots of views in no time is purchasing packages of authentic views from Boosbe.

What counts as a view on an Instagram video?

For a video to get a view, a user should watch it for at least three seconds. You can even get multiple views from the same user if that user watches the video for more than three seconds. With Boosbe, you can get the necessary number of high-retention views and promote your content to a broad audience.

Can I see who views my Instagram?

There is no way you can see which users have viewed your profile. But you can rest assured that you are getting a bunch of views from authentic users once you choose Boosbe as your source of social signals.

How long will it take to process my order?

Usually it takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours to start the delivery.

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