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Instagram profile visits from 100% authentic users to boost your visibility. Increase your brand credibility and get the Instagram algorithm to work in your favour by supplying your account with multiple visits.
Instagram Profile Visits
Instagram Profile Visits
Instagram Profile Visits
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Today I want to talk with you about one very important marketing tool - Instagram profile visits. It’s a part of the account’s statistics. But the only way when a user can see it is by switching to the business account. I bet you have never thought how many things you can see and analyze only by changing some profile settings. If it will be overwhelming, you can always change it back and have a “regular” page without any insight features. 

It’s very easy to do: go to the settings and change it to the “professional account”.  After that you’ll be able to see all the metrics from the personal Instagram profile. 

What are Instagram profile visits?

It’s a part of the official statistics or data collected from your account. The profile visits show how many not unique visitors opened your insta-blog. Users can see it every day on the top of their profile, for example, “147 people visited you for the last 7 days”. However, this information is only for the owner of the profile - others can’t see it.

Another thing that you need to know about this feature is that it only reveals numbers and doesn’t show who visited you. There is no way how you can see those guests. But you can for sure buy more profile visits which will increase the numbers of your statistics and help you become a popular blogger. 

How to become popular on Instagram?

It is more a matter of increasing the numbers of people who outreached your profile and posts. And, of course, there are multiple ways how to do it! Here are some of the tips that we collected specially for you:

Try to avoid too many hashtags: it floods the post and doesn’t work the way it used to do some years ago;

Do more video content on your account or in the stories. It seems that people started liking it more than just static pictures;

Engage the audience: post opinion polls, ask provocative or just general questions;

Use new features on Instagram and update the app regularly: this way the algorithms will do their promotion for you;

Publish the posts in the time when the followers are the most active;

Buy profile visits, likes or followers to make your statistics look better and be promoted by Instagram algorithms as well (you can do it right HERE *link on the website);

Advertise the posts (it costs money too);

Block the users who are not active on your page. Even though there is a loss in followers, the concentration of those who are engaged is higher;

Create exciting or useful content.

Of course, you can add something else and it will only help your growth on this world-known social media. As you can see, it’s a constant work and there is no time to laze around. 

Why do I need to boost my profile visits?

Firstly, it’s a part of data that helps you to understand and build a strategy of promotion on Instagram. Everything is connected with each other: profile visits, outreach, engagement rate, the number of likes, comments and saved posts, etc. Instagram likes big numbers, it spreads the rule “the more - the better”. 

So, when you have, for example, lots of active followers, your profile visits will increase and vice versa. Furthermore, you can track how active is the audience on the account. If the number of visits drops, then something is wrong with your content and you, as a blogger, need to change the situation immediately. Otherwise, the numbers will only decline and there will be a chance to lose all the followers and gained popularity as well. 

This way, it’s so important to grow and even increase the number of visits. The easiest way to cope with this problem is to buy Instagram profile visits from a reliable third party like our company. HERE is the link, check it out and purchase as many as you wish!

What are the benefits of buying Instagram profile visits?

I can tell that you’ve never thought that your favorite bloggers bought things like followers, profile visits, video views...Well, this is the truth. It really happened. It’s the easiest way how insta-users can reach their ambitious goals and precious big numbers. 

Anyway, even if you buy stuff to boost your account on social media, it doesn’t mean that you should stop working on the content, and fame will come right now. No. It’s a work in progress: quality content + purchasing profile visits, followers, and so on. 

It’s very difficult and tricky to grow an account by yourself. That’s why you need to give half of the responsibilities to us. We’ll take care and deliver whatever your purchase within 5-10 minutes after finalizing the transaction.

Is it possible to get visits for free?

Yes, but only for one time. We do have free trials where you can check out our services and then come back and purchase what you need. 

How many Instagram visits can I buy?

It all depends on what you want to achieve on this media. Even if your goal is super ambitious, be careful and plan your step by step strategy. Fame and billions of likes won’t come right away. I suggest you start with 100 or 500 profile visits, it’s the average purchase among our clients. To check out our package options, click HERE (link to the website).  

Will I be banned for this purchase?

No, you won’t. Instagram bans authomatiс services that deliver big numbers of views, likes, followers, and other things to the same account. This activity seems suspicious for the system. We don’t work like that because we only bring the exact number of profile visits, for example. 

Other companies can provide cheap but low-quality services delivering bots that will spam all over your profile. This is dangerous, be careful about that. 

Our company has both real users and bots as our working tools. However, we use realistically looking bots that have profiles as “ordinary” people. Thus, there is no reason for bans.

Will anybody see that I bought the visits?

Nope, it’s absolutely private. Even the statistics that you have are not shown to other users and possible page guests.

How to buy Instagram profile visits?

This is really easy, just follow the steps:

choose the package you want to buy HERE

enter the link on your Instagram profile (we NEVER ask for the password!)

pay online using a secured system

wait 5-10 minutes for a special delivery!

What is more, we have a support team which is available 24/7 and will help you in solving any question you might have :)

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Is it safe to buy IG profile visits?

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to purchasing IG profile visits. We do not need your password to deliver the required number of visits, and we won't access your data without your permission.

Will Instagram know that I bought visits?

We will never disclose this information to other users, third-party applications, and even Instagram itself. Besides, we provide customers with authentic social signals, which eliminates any chance of getting noticed by Instagram moderators.

Can I see who visits my profile?

You can see the number of people who visited your page, as well as their demographics, but you won't be able to find out who exactly visited your channel. All the same, you can be absolutely certain that profile visits you purchase from Boosbe come from real Instagram accounts.

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