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100% authentic Instagram comments for those who want to get real engagement going on their pages. With lots of genuine comments, it'll be easier to win over many supporters and get your publications to rank high in search results.
Instagram Custom Comments
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Want to go further? Augment Your Instagram comments quantity! Reasons

The most important factor, that provides a large number of comments -  is concernment increase. The more often comments and likes are left under the shared content, the more often materials will end up at the top of the feed, rather than going down where nobody will see them. Even higher concernment provides a chance to get to the "Recommended" tab, where your information will be in times more often observed by users.

But not every post causes an uncontrollable desire to comment on it. If you want comments, make sure that the person does not want to scroll through the post, but write their own opinion. At the same time, to reduce spam and aggression, hide comments with undesirable words.

Buy real active Instagram comments 

Questions posting

By the end of the post always ask questions to Your subscribers. Propose them to leave comments whether they like the shared material or not, why. Or maybe they were in the similar situations? What did they do? Ask for help or advice, opinions. But do not suck it out of your finger — like "do you like red apples or green ones?". The point should be really interesting to discuss.


If you wrote a post on a resonant topic, subscribers will definitely have their own opinion, which they will want to share with you when commenting the posted content. Don't miss these opportunities.

Friends/Blogger chats

If you are just starting out, ask your friends to support you and don't forget to type a few words under Your content. You can also take part in blogger chats where are collected accounts of similar topics and everyone comments on each other. Weather someone has already commented on Your content, other participants are more often joining. But over time, this may become noticeable, so You have to always use different methods to promote Your content and thus Your account and daily get new subscribers and their opinions.

Instagram live followers’ comments are an indicator of high profile activity.

In addition, a lot of messages under the content says that you want to share your information. Most often, like — you should not count on more. However, if your post makes a person write under it (and it doesn't really matter what it is), it's a real concernment.

Instagram is constantly using new ways to evaluate the popularity of your account. Starting in 2019, much is decided by such a parameter as concernment.

* Regular posts, stable growth of subscribers, a significant number of likes under each photo (at least 8-10% of the total number of followers) and a lot of comments.

• It is worth taking into account that all these actions must be real, that is, come from real living people.

Based on quantitative indicators, the social network evaluates the level of engagement. And if subscribers, as well as likes, can be screwed, then comments are more difficult.

What do comments from live subscribers give You?

Many bloggers are chasing communication like they are chasing likes. Beginners do not quite understand why this is necessary and therefore their statistics leave much to be desired. In fact, feedback from real readers is needed for several reasons.

• The higher the activity under your posts – the better chances You have that your content will be included in the recommendations. Consequently, several tens of thousands of potential subscribers will find out about you.

• If the account has a lot of comments under each publication, it means that the audience has a high level of concernment. Advertisers look at this no less than the likes and quantity of subscribers.

• Instagram may soon cancel likes. The rumors about this are circulating more and more often. Therefore, the only way to determine the popularity of a person will be replicas, and from live readers. This is the most powerful argument that should be remembered by all those who want to achieve high activity in their Instagram.

Newcomers are tempted to simply wind up discussions with bots, robots, or buy artificial ones. But they are easy to recognize.

 We’re sure you were wondering how you can get replicas from real subscribers for free. There are several ways to do this.

-          Ask questions at the end of the post so that the follower is motivated to leave a comment.

-          Participate and organize like-times, where the main condition is to leave a signature under the publication. If you look at bloggers who do this, then such publications are several times more likely to start discussion.

-          Raffles. To increase the audience geography, ask followers to mark two friends in the text. In this case, two more people will see the post.

• Use of services actions. We usually offer free 3-5 days of promotion. Thus You can ensure that our service really works as we declare. Or You also can use the comments free-packages, that can be found at our website.

Buy Instagram real comments free trial. Never buy negative Instagram comments from bots

Let's figure out how to distinguish them from bots, why they are needed at all, and why you should pay special attention to them.

Before you think that this is a popular Insta-user, look at their communication^

- Bots usually write texts that are not related to the topic of the post. Often, they just leave some phrases like “Nice/Great” or just a set of characters. If you see this – go to the page to this user – if it has a strange, long name and no publications - you are likely to see a robot.

- Comments that look like spam-advertising someone, earning money on the Internet in a suspicious way, and so on. It all looks as unnatural as possible.

- Most bot profiles are quickly banned – go through suspicious or spam statements their authors will almost all be blocked. This is due to the strict policy of Instagram.

Try not to wind up your activity in this way – or You have a chance to scare off real subscribers and remain without an audience at all.

All methods are not easy to implement. However, they are effective and focused on the target group. Try to use all the suggested methods if you want to get the highest possible activity from live people under your Instagram posts.

If You want to be sure that You get the comments from real users don’t hesitate to order our services. If You are still not sure, just ask us for the free trial comments. We will start the delivery just after the order will be placed and You will see the first results already for the next day after the order. If You are satisfied with the results, You can switch to the payable type of the service and receive the fixed amount of free comments from real Insta-users on a monthly basis.

Instagram is very popular social media among selfie lovers. It is understandable – the traditional "feature" of this site is the publication of interesting images. However, the promotion of comments in Instagram is also popular for the high-quality advertising of goods and services.

For anybody is not a secret that the whole business is directly related to promotional activity. Without high-quality promotion, you can not get a significant profit from any commercial activity. And on the contrary, you can earn money not by buying ads, but by selling them.

Since its inception, Instagram has been perfectly honed for two things – selfies and ads. And, it is worth noting, this cocktail is ideal for any earnings. To make significant profits, gain popularity, and even diversify your leisure time and communication-you need to have a popular account.

So, you already have an Instagram account, dreaming of fame and fortune. But this will not lead you anywhere in itself. To really get all of the above, you need to promote your page, and it would be very desirable to get to the TOP.

TOP publications are a rating that is compiled by Instagram based on various indicators. For example, you added an interesting photo with a nice comment. Users liked it, and they have been liking the post and writing comments for a long time.

Based on the audience activity in the background of the publication, Instagram provides the possibility to become the part of overall rating. But let's figure out why you need to purchase comments and do it as quickly as possible.

The secret is that comments directly demonstrate the level of participants’ interest. Thus, the comments purchasing creates the popularity and interest to account, as a result, users are more active: subscribe to the account, put likes, etc.

For those who never bought packages of comments on Instagram we propose to use our special offer – free trial period, during which You can ensure that we provide You a really working and effective advertising tool.

Who needs to buy comments on Instagram?

Lot of people seriously think that "it would be necessary to do promotion". Some people postpone this idea until tomorrow, some until Monday, and some until the new year. All these people have one thing in common – they are afraid to take the first, simple step on the way to popularity.

It is also important to note that such passivity is associated with a lack of awareness. Many people simply do not know how cheating works, why it is used, and most importantly, what benefits it can bring to them personally.

Later, we will tell you how to buy inexpensive real comments on Instagram quickly.

In order to make comments on Instagram fast use only proven services and carefully monitor the volume and indicators you are generating. With comments, the story is exactly the same – a skillful promotion will affect sales, the popularity of your business and directly increase your profit. If you get too carried away and make a lot of praising comments on nothing, filters can lead you to be blocked.

Thus, as you have already understood – if social networks wanted to eliminate cheating, they would do it. In fact, sites benefit from the current state of things, because it is inconvenient to admit cheating, but it is stupid to deny it. In any case, you have visited one of the best promotion sites in Runet. We will help you quickly and easily increase various indicators.

To buy comments and/or likes:

1. Visit our main page. To use all the features of the site and various facilities, you need to register. You can do this using a special button, specifying the email address and the desired password.

2. 2. Top up your balance. You can either complete tasks for other users, or top up your account with real money. Both methods can be used at any time and there are no restrictions.

3. 3. Create a task. In order for users to start leaving comments, you need to create a task with a link to the publication and set the amount of remuneration. You also have the possibility to attach the desired comment text.

Finally, as an answer to the question raised - we are for 100% sure that if You want do a good business via Instagram, You have to buy comments!

Is it safe?

Experienced users know that comments purchasing can be dangerous. Often stories of cheating end with temporary or permanent account blocking and the collapse of hopes for popularity.

This is because many sites do not monitor the quality of their cheating, and sometimes even brazenly slip customers second-rate likes, comments and subscribers. By "second-rate" we mean hacked or poorly filled pages that will do you no good.

We strongly recommend that you use only our services, as well as follow some recommendations that will help you save your page, reputation, money and nerves. So, here are the rules:

-          Do not reduce your activity during the promotion.

-          Do not hurry. Very often, users include empty ambitions that lead to Instagram quickly blocking the page. It is logical that you should follow a certain progression if you decide to wind up comments without any extra hassle. And although there is no official strict framework, everything is hard with likes and subscribers – you cannot wind up more than 10% of the total number of existing indicators. The rule should be followed preferably in the amount of 100 and strictly from 1000 in each indicator.

-          Use different methods. Here everything is elementary – you do not need to wind up 50 comments under the record, where there are no likes and if you have 2-3 subscribers. Try to wind up the various social network counters as evenly as possible.

Following these simple instructions together with using of our service will save You from blocking!

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Man, this thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it. Are there any services that you guys don't provide? What's next? Buy famous Instagram accounts? xD
Totally worth the price !! It leaves the best impression on my posts, and my engagement rate and visibility have increased dramatically since I started buying comments.
I returned the purchase price in just 48 hours !! Comments on Instagram are exactly what our business was missing, and the cure for happiness
Great, you can really distinguish between these comments. They are of high quality. Great job.
The Instagram comments I got from here helped me a lot. Now my profile is on the study page.
The comments I bought were really realistic, although I was getting the usual ones. I can easily recommend this service to anyone.
Great! Now my posts look more interesting and better. Thanks.
Lol, compared to them, even my comments are very similar to a bot, haha, in fact this is the first time I actually see a website that gives real comments instead of random, non-contextual bots.
It's really wonderful. Keep it up and I'll be back to find out more :) Where else can I find such high quality and such low prices? You guys are like social media royalty
This is exactly what I was looking for! All the other websites that have ever given you are random comments from random accounts that are empty and have no followers. You guys are doing great !! Real comments from real people !!!
Their comments are really smart and don't look like the bots you see on crappy channels ... Definitely I will use all the services that you guys provide
Warning: Low prices are highly addictive: D And the quality of the comments is so high that I can't do anything but buy for every post I share, haha
Answers on your
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How to get more comments on Instagram?

The most obvious way to encourage people to react to your posts is by engaging with their content. However, it is a time-consuming and tedious task. Therefore, Boosbe is the best way out, as we can deliver a bunch of genuine comments that will draw in lots of organic comments and make your account look attractive.

Why can't I see all the comments on an Instagram post?

Users may delete their comments or Instagram may hide some comments that have violated the rules or don't look authentic. The only way to ensure that you won't find yourself in such a situation is by buying social signals from reliable sources.

Is it safe to buy comments?

It is absolutely safe to purchase comments as long as they are authentic and come from real accounts. Boosbe offers a variety of top-quality packages to choose from, so you have nothing to worry about.

Can I split purchased comments on several posts?

No, but you can order comments for several posts one by one.

When I will receive my comments?

Usually it takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours to start the delivery.

Can I control the content of the comments?

Yes, but you should choose the Custom Comments service.

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