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Purchase high-quality watchers that will make your posts more visible in other users feeds on eBay with Boosbe.
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If you sell goods on eBay, you should buy eBay watchers. This will attract people's attention to your listings and will help you to boost your sales. On our site, you can order watchers quickly, easily, and at a reasonable cost. We accept multiple payment options and we frequently offer discounts.

This promotional method is affordable and very efficient. You can apply it to any category of goods. It does not matter whether you are an experienced seller or a newbie. The exact number of watchers that you need might vary depending on the competition in your sector.

Informative Facts and Numbers about eBay

This is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. No matter what you try to sell here, many other people would offer the same or similar products. In such an environment, you need to put effort into your promotion. The following statistics should convince you.

  • eBays has over 182 million users on a global scale.
  • These people live in 190 countries.
  • The platform counts 1.3 billion listings.
  • In the last quarter of 2019, $22 billion worth of goods were bought and sold on this marketplace.
  • 70% of the platform's traffic comes from the US.
  • 28% of sellers are US residents.
  • Almost 35% of all US mobile users have installed the eBay app on their devices.
  • This app has been downloaded 476 million times.
  • It is the highest reach among all Android retail apps internationally.

As you see, the competition is fierce. Sellers need to buy eBay views to stand out from the rest. The term "views" is synonymous with "watchers" in this case. You can be sure that this investment will pay off.

Why Should You Buy eBay Watchers?

To check how many views you have currently, find the red number under the price of your product. The higher it is, the better. This indicator shows how many times people have opened the product's page. All of them are your potential customers that might be ready to buy your goods.

eBay Watchers

Anyone can see the number of watchers. Imagine that a consumer discovers that many people are interested in what you sell. They would think "This must be a trendy and high-quality product! Probably, I should purchase it too!".

Now, let us imagine the opposite situation. A consumer sees that the number of watchers on your product's page is low. They would decide that your product is worse than what your rivals offer. They might leave the page without reading the description and the characteristics of your goods.

You should buy watchers to make your product seem more attractive to your target audience. This will add to your prestige and raise your status in the eyes of your clients. Besides, the number of views has more pragmatic importance. It can trigger the in-built algorithms of the platform that will make your product more visible.

When you search for a certain good on eBay, the system shows you multiple alternatives from different sellers. The most popular products are displayed on top of the list. The more views you have, the higher your position and the more likely people will be to visit your page. That will lead to more sales!

How Can You Place an Order on Boosbe?

We created a genuinely simple system. Customers do not need to register on our site or link their eBay accounts to it. Forget about lengthy fill-in forms and complicated passwords! Just follow these steps.

  1. Copy and paste the link to your eBay account in the corresponding field on our site.
  2. Indicate the desired number of watches.
  3. Pick the most convenient payment system.
  4. Transfer funds to us.
  5. Watch the number of views increase!

The more views you order, the longer it will take us to complete your order. Yet we promise to work as promptly as we can. If you realize that you need more views, you can order them at any moment. Later on, you will be able to repeat the process as often as you wish.

The Advantages of Using Our Services

We are an established brand with vast expertise in our sphere. We have helped hundreds of sellers to make the most of eBay. We are ready to collaborate both with private users and companies. With our help, you can achieve impressive results with minimum expenses.

Our clients' privacy is one of our top priorities. No one ever will get to know that you ordered views on our site. All financial operations are 100% confidential. If you have any questions, our friendly and competent support team will be glad to consult you at any moment.

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